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About Us

About us

Our brand story

INDRESSME was created with one mind : to design a stylish and practical collection of storage baskets, at first, facing the messy house, The designer abandoned the traditional plastic storage basket, and chose  soft cotton and linen material. Then, it makes storage baskets better integrate into home environments.

Therefore, the combination of great storage features and skin-friendly materials is so fascinating to us, and to our customers spread over 20 countries.

Visual pleasure and soft texture, we do it all.

Our mission

Compared with traditional plastic storage baskets, we aim to provide consumers with a comfortable and affordable storage basket made of pure cotton, Our design is mainly based on simplicity and exquisiteness, so that every customer can have a clean and tidy home.

Our products

The products are mainly the following series, the colors are mainly natural colors, gray and pink. Exquisite design and versatile colors are very popular with customers.

  • Go Nature





  • Unique Craft




  • Being Stylish




Product Process

The manuscript of each product is hand-painted by the designer, The factories use durable and comfortable cotton material, the workers stitched the corners by hand, and quality inspection ensures that there is no thread. After carefully packaging the product, it is delivered to our consumers.

Our Service

We always follow closely what our customers care about. From the start of our business to nowadays, we dedicated to making more people access to high-quality products with a relatively fair price, we listen carefully to our customers, we believe the more we get closer to customers and the community, the more likely could we make products better, which remains one of our core values today.