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Why Stylish Decorative Baskets?

The Holiday Season Is Upon Us!

Well, I’ve come back around to my hype from last October! I listed some ideas on how to organize your space using decorative baskets but I made the biggest blogging mistake ever! I forgot to tell you why decorative baskets are an organizational godsend. But first, I must know, did you finish watching Marie Kondo yet? 

Home organization is still on everyone’s mind after Marie released her show, “Spark Joy” to follow up, “Tidying with Marie Kondo”. While it may not be the sexiest topic, I promise that an intentionally organized home will simplify your life and leave you happy with your home. As we go into the holidays, re-organizing all of my decor is definitely on my list. The key is to make it approachable and beautiful hence these gorgeous rope baskets from INDRESSME


Baskets allow you to keep everything in its place while adding an element of design to your space. Whether you use these delightful woven rope baskets in plain view or hidden away in drawers, baskets allow you to find a designated space for what otherwise would become clutter. These gorgeous woven rope baskets are my favorite because not only are they durable and flexible, but they also provide some coziness to our home. We have an abundance of throw blankets in our home and these two baskets, though different styles and sizes, are able to store them so stylishly! 

Speaking of aesthetics, the colors on the baskets are vibrant and rich while the stitching in the baskets is clean. I really like the natural tones of the basket and the width and depth of these baskets are, honestly, unbelievable! I love that the purpose I have found for these woven rope baskets is designed to hold cherished items and elevate our everyday routine. I absolutely have loved this third basket for my son’s nursery to organize items that we have used during tummy time. It is also slightly smaller than the other two rope baskets but the colors matched perfectly for this space! 

I am in no way an expert in home organization but I am a firm believer in home, a feeling of love, and a place of rest. As we go into this holiday season, it is a known fact that we will be taking on more things – hopefully, items that spark joy! With that being said, it is so important to refresh our spaces and to mindfully care for our things – to give them a home for not only the holidays but every day, hopefully in one of these gorgeous rope baskets from INDRESSME. 


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