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The large basket is a good helper for storage

Laundry, toys, plants, keys, and blankets. You name it. They all need a home and a place where it can make your home look organized! There are only so many closets you can hide your things, but hey, shouldn't there be an alternative to that?

I have been stuffing all my belongings that didn't have a place in these closets..... until now! Something I have been seeing around Instagram are woven baskets that come in a variety of patterns, colours and materials. It's no wonder that these baskets work in everyone's homes because it's likely they will find one that suits their home styling.

I ended up getting mine by Goodpicks (from Amazon). I had so much trouble choosing which ones I wanted because I fell in love with all the different patterns. But here are three I chose and this is how I decided to use them:

The Office

I used this large jute basket to store items such as books, and throw blankets for this bench seat in the guest bedroom. I really like the natural tones of the basket and how wide it is. That means, whatever you put in it, you know it'll fit! It is easy to transport too with these large handles!

The Powder Room

I used the Small Storage Basket for toiletries in the powder room since I don't have much storage in there. I love different textures and I think it added a softer feeling to this room.


The Living Room

Last but not least, I used the HUGE Jute Rope Basket for board games, storing my nephews toy trucks and a king sized throw blanket for my living room. Your living room is one of those rooms that can get cluttered so fast and so easily.


Small Cotton Rope Basket : https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07B2SW3HG
Large Rope Woven Basket: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08LVK4S7V
Large Jute Rope Basket: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B087PSV7PY

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