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Simple White Christmas Bedroom Decor

Wow, only 12 more days until Christmas! It’s been full speed ahead the last few days. The Christmas season gets busy for everyone and today I want to talk about my favorite room in the house for rest, our bedroom. Being the parents of five children it’s important to me and Jeremy that our bedroom is a place of peace and serenity. As much as possible anyways, I mean we do have five kids. We painted the walls a soothing white and chose warm white bedding with lots of texture. This really helps give our bedroom a sanctuary kind of feel. When this Christmas season rolled around I knew I didn’t want to add too much. It’s been a very busy year so we decided to take it easy and keep the Christmas decor simple in our bedroom.

In keeping with a white color palette we didn’t do any fresh greenery in our bedroom. I also didn’t want to deal with pine needles in the carpet. For a look at how we decorated with fresh greenery go here.

I found all the Christmas decor at thrift stores. I love the three white trees. Mama, Papa and Baby Tree just make me happy. Believe or not the poinsettias are faux and were thrifted as well. If you haven’t noticed yet, I thrift a lot friends!

The beautiful white baskets where a gift from Idressme.com These cotton baskets are well made and oh so good looking. These are the two I have, the small here and the large here. So many uses for them in every room of the house. You could use them for toy storage, kitchen linens, books and magazines. They also make great laundry baskets and are perfect in the bathroom for towel organization. Mine hold our bed pillows when not in use, and make such pretty plant holders.

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