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Cleaning and Organizing Checklist!

Doorbell rings.  Guests are arriving soon!  Whether planned or pop-in visits; I know I always like to try and tidy up before having folks over.  However, I’ll often find I get carried away with details in the cleaning process that are probably unnecessary (is your friend or neighbor really going to check to see if your refrigerator is organized? Probably not).  

Once the reality kicks in that you maybe have 15 minutes to fix things up, you might get overwhelmed thinking where do I even begin???  Maybe this visit is planned but you were too busy with other things in life (ahem kids, work, cooking, preparing etc.) and the cleaning part fell last on the to-do list (and that is OKAY!).  So today I’m sharing a quick and easy speed clean guide with an included checklist to help you feel more focused on those zones that might need some sprucing up before guests arrive.

Always remember though – it does NOT have to be perfect.  The reality is, a dish will be out of place, a toy will be on the ground even though you thought you picked it up, books might be disorganized on the shelf.  Whatever it may be, the fact is, you and your family LIVE here.  It’s not a museum. Things will be out of order one way or another.  Therefore, this guide is more focused on those zones that help give space for you and your guests, clear clutter on surfaces that folks might want to put down their belongings or lay a platter on the kitchen counter.  

Cleaning Zones

  • Tidy Pillows
  • Clear clutter in high traffic areas (think the main living space or wherever you will be with your guests
  • Clear off kitchen counters
  • Clean the sink
  • Powder room check (enough toilet paper, hand towels?) quick toilet bowl clean
  • If you have time, wipe down surfaces and run a quick vacuum 

How to Control the Clutter

To help with quick and easy cleaning and organization for ALL the things – I love having baskets for storage.  Baskets are so versatile and also provide both style and function when cleaning. 

My personal favorite type of baskets I’ve been using lately are soft woven rope baskets that are perfect for everyday use.  I’m so excited to share some of my go-to favorite baskets today because they truly have been so great at keeping me organized during this busy season.  I recently collaborated with INDRESSME and am sharing today some of the BEST baskets that have made my organization process a breeze.  

For my blankets or laundry, I have been loving this 3XL Soft Cotton Woven Rope basket.  When I say large – this basket is HUGE and can hold everything you could possibly need.  It’s perfect for storing throw blankets or large toys.  I recently took out our heavier throw blankets and have been using this basket to store them in our living room.  Having the basket in an accessible place for easy placement helps keep my space neat and tidy.  I love the woven look and the basket is incredibly soft.  Even my littles had fun climbing in and out of the basket (keep reading to see some of these silly antics that just paint the reality of cleaning with kiddos).  

I also love how lightweight and easy to move this basket is.  Most of the larger baskets can be bulky and heavy – but you definitely do not have a problem maneuvering this basket up and down the stairs when carrying toys or laundry.  The durable handles make it easy for quick pick up around the house.  

For toys and stuffed animals, I also love keeping these baskets in my daughter’s nursery.  This adorable White and Pink Cotton Basket that matches her decor so well and makes cleaning up simple.  The size fits like a glove in the corner of her room or can be stowed away when needed in her closet. 

I also love having this Small Storage Basket on her dresser for diapers that I can quickly grab for a change.  Now that my toddler is getting more mobile and restless during diaper changes, I need my baby products to be quickly accessed.  Having the diapers neatly stacked in a lightweight, versatile bin is exactly what every mama needs.  What’s even better is that I know once my daughter is out of diapers, I can use this basket for so much more.  Whether for clothes, toiletries, toys etc.  this flexible and timeless design will be perfect for every season of life. 

Baskets are such a simple and beautiful way to organize your home.  Especially for a quick speed clean, you’ll be so amazed by how quickly you can clean up a space.  

Have Fun and Keep it Simple

Keeping a home neat and tidy with little ones can be a challenge so one of the biggest reminders I tell myself is to not take the process too seriously. Here are some behind-the-scene bloopers that are evidence of true mom-life.

My preschooler was so excited that he could fit into the large basket and I couldn’t help but laugh at how comfortable he looked. Just another plus to using soft and beautiful baskets for kid-friendly organization. Thank you again to INDRESSME for these beautiful baskets that made our home organized and kept things fun as a family. You can find the link to these exact baskets featured in today’s post through the direct Amazon links below!

INDRESSME Large Cotton Rope Basket Woven Basket

INDRESSME Cotton Basket Woven Hamper Pink

INDRESSME Small Storage Basket – Baby Nursery Organizer

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