1. Why the size on the tag is different from what I ordered?


Before products are put on sale, the size will be conversed into international size( the size shown on the website), which is standard and regular. Therefore, if you find that the size you get is not the same as shown on the website, don’t panic. That size we sent you is right. Put them on first and see how it turns out. If they don't fit you well, you can return them definitely( but you are responsible for the shipping fee yourself).


2. What is 'coming soon' exactly mean? Can I order it now?


For the “Coming soon”, we don’t have the storage but we have made orders from our suppliers, so we put the items on the sale-shelves in advance. Customers can order it and when we get the items, we will send them away according to the time sequence.


3. Will you be getting-back in stock?


We are sorry that in 2012 we will not get the out-of-stock items replenished. But there is possibility that we have a small amount of restock continually.


4. Where do you get your clothes?


All the items come from the top brands in China. So the quality, the fabric and the design have guarantee so that we can build our own reputation and offer our customers our best service.


5. Why don't I get Indressme emails?


You may need to reset your email boxes. And those email address with the “” at the ending will not get our emails. Or, you can find it from your junk emails.


6. Can you give me more information on a product?


For our customers’ benefits, we put information of the items as much as we can on the website, so that customers can browse carefully and make good decision. 
If there is anything further information you feel we need to put on there to help you, just let us know what information you'd like to see and we'll do our best to include it.


7. I have a discount code, how do I use it?


If you have a discount coupon, when you go to “check out” page, you may find an option where you need to input the number, that’s how you use it.


8. I have seen a product but it no longer seems to be in-stock


If an item is not likely to be in-stock, we will put the information on the website so that customers not order it. In a short time we will not replenish it. Sincere apology.


9. How do i return an existing item ?


If you are not satisfied with your purchase and want to return them back please contact our customer service first. But you need to pay for the return shipping fee. About return policy you can  click here.


10. Do you have a shop?


We just do the business on line.


11. What can I do if something is wrong with my order?


If there is anything about your order, such as changing your address, or cancel one item from your order, contact our customer service right away and they will figure out a way to solve this, as you cannot change it on your own for that the order has been generated online.


12. What is 'one size' mean on your website?


"One size" means that an item has just one size fitting all the average people. You can see the detailed centimeter under SIZE & FIT as reference.


13. I would like to know the rings’ exactly size


The inner diameter of all the rings on our website is about 17mm.